All sponsors of YEAH! have made a contribution to YEAH! to help us keep our doors open and prices accessible to all kids. If you are interested in helping make sure that YEAH! is available to all kids, please click below to donate today.

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Founders of YEAH!

Chart Topping Donor ($100+)

Lisa Berrios

Betty Burney

Steve & Jan Flint

Chad Hill

Lisa Longley

Christen McGinnes

Michael & Diane Moran

Bruce Plummer

Andrena Robertson

Peter Roode

Suzanne Rose

Stephen Ruckart

Mike & Tammy Smith

Nicole Tekulve

Earl & Paula Thomas

Jonathan Waldrop

Jolene Ward

Audrey Weddington

Gold Donor ($500+)

Paula & Rick Mansfield

John Sumitra Colin & Forrest York

Platinum Donor ($1,000+)

Blankenship, Blankenship & Hagan, PLLC

Jeff Clark

Burton Dye

Gloria & Ted LaRoche

Richard Schott

Jane Williams

Special Thanks to the Tennessee Arts Commission for their continued support!

Our Supporters

Whitney Allgood

John Allison

Kelly Anderson

Linda Anderson

Erin Anfinson

David Arnold

John Arnold

Claudia Barnett

Dean Baxter

Chuck Bruner

Burce Cahoon

James Carolan

Brian Carter

Ethan Christison

Ben Connally

Charles Conway

Michael Cope

Charles Dean

Tad Dutch

Jill Eatherly

Amanda Fisher

Anna Fitzgerald

Mori Fuller

Jen Gobeille

Casey Guimbellot

Katie Haas

Linda Hagan

Dwight Hancock

Jessica Hawthorne

Mary Hoffschwelle

Angela Horton

Sharon Jacks

Bill Jakes

Kelly Kerr

Jill Knecht

Meredith Kotas

Paula Mansfield

Jimmy Mansfield

Patricia Miller

Michael & Sara Mitchell

Any Nuckolls

Lon Nuell

Christie Nuell

Cynthia Powers

Paul M. Quinn

Mary Lou Reynolds

Diane Richey-Haupt

Kelly Rowell

Catherine Rungee

Mark Shermer

Rebecca Spresser

Paul Stampley

Emily Tanner-Smith

Kathleen Therrien

Keith Throckmorton

Darren Valentine

Brian Vollmer

Jessi Warniner

Jeff Weems

John Westbrooks

Jenifer Wright

Sponsors and Grant Makers

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YEAH! (Youth Empowerment through Arts and Humanities) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We would like to shout out a big THANK YOU to all of our dedicated and generous sponsors, grant makers, donors, & volunteers, without YOU what we do is not possible.

Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp 2011 Sponsors

Sponsors & Donors for 2011


Middle Tennessee State University

1301 E. Main Street

Murfreesboro, TN 37132


(615) 898-2300

Tennessee Arts Commission

Tennessee Arts Commission

401 Charlotte Avenue

Nashville, TN37243


(615) 741-1701

Fanny's House of Music

Fanny’s House of Music

1101 Holly Street

Nashville, TN37206


(615) 750-5746

Central Magnet School

701 East Main Street

Murfreesboro, TN37130


(615) 904-6789

30 Tigers
Antique Archeology
American Songwriter Magazine
Banana Buttons
The Belcourt
Blackman High School Cheerleaders
Blankenship, Blankenship & Hagan, PLLC
Bongo World
Boss Construction
Burton Dye
Central Magnet School
Concert Productions
Copy Express
Daisy Rock Guitars
Ernie Ball
Fanny’s House of Music
Fleet One
Frist Center for Visual Arts
Grand Palace
Gretsch Foundation
Grifin Technology
Grimey’s New and Preloved Music
Guitar Center
Infinity Cat
Loew’s Vanderbilt
Middle Tennessee State University
MTSU Center for Popular Music
Music City Minis
NashTrash Tours
Nashville Sounds
Nashville Symphony
Panera Bread
Poodles Doodles
Siegel High School
SOUNDLAND by Next Big Nashville
TAC (Tennessee Arts Commission)
Taye Drums
Textbook Brokers
United Record Pressing


Justin (JRuss)
Brittany Salmon
Maya Wimmer
Karen Leigh Burton
Hailey Rowe
Stephanie Carmack
Dave Cate
Olivia Throckmorton
Samuel Allen Jaco
Nicole Oliff
Maggie Ferrell
Alyssa Scheele
Shelby Morgan Smith
Rachael Durnin
Emily Barnhart
Hannah Sheehan
Melissa Wallis
Virginia Parker Brick
Melissa Rene Murphree
Elizabeth Kate Warren
Alexa Games
Talia Scarpelli
Ruby Jazz
Amanda Turnbo
Ashlyn Smith
Megun MacKinze Pritchard
AmyRose Wendell
Jessie Friedman
Shelby Morgan Smith
Amber Rae Douglas
Kevin Shawn Cunningham
Jason Manley
Christina Elizabeth Manley